Updated UI/UX coming soon on our DEX

Dear Beyond Community,

We are delighted to announce that our current DEX is undertaking a refresh!

It encompasses a new-look user interface (UI) and an exhilarating new user experience (UX) to all our users for easier and more efficient engagement with our DEX.

Sneak Peek

The updated UI/UX will offer :

  1. Simpler, more organized DEX.
  2. More comprehensive look on your assets
  3. Larger size chart for trade

And much more to come along!

The update is on its way, and we will announce shortly when it is good to go. Until then, please stay tuned for further notices and announcements as we forge ahead to explore, innovate, expand, opening limitless access across the whole industry.

Let’s go above and beyond.

About Beyondfi

Beyond is a decentralized synthetic product trading platform where users can create and trade synthetic financial products, unlocking the full potential of decentralized finance and derivatives without limits. With prominent key partners including Huobi Ventures, Spark Digital Capital and OKex Block Dream Fund, Beyond Finance allows users to trade decentralized products without any restrictions, allowing individuals to reach their fullest to fully realize the value of Decentralized Finance.

Official Links:

Website / Telegram / Twitter / Medium




Introducing our rebrand: Beyondfi - A New Beginning

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Introducing our rebrand: Beyondfi - A New Beginning

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