Spark Digital Capital x Beyond Finance

Beyond Finance is strategically teaming up with an innovative partner in the blockchain industry — Spark Digital Capital.

This collaboration with Spark Digital Capital is the perfect opportunity and solution to implement innovative technology that will elevate decentralized finance to mass adoption.

About Spark Digital Capital

Established in 2017, Spark Digital Capital is an NY based family office that invests in Blockchain-enabled companies. Spark Digital Capital firmly believes in a future where blockchain not only plays a significant role in the world but also creates unlimited efficiencies and opportunities to the society and people’s lives. With the teams’ strong finance and technology background we aim to bring their research focused insight in helping us achieve mass adoption in the world of decentralized finance.

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About Beyond Finance

To find more information about BYN’s other upcoming plans and future aspirations, you can join our Telegram Official Group , Telegram News Channel and Follow us on Twitter.

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Introducing our rebrand: Beyondfi - A New Beginning

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Introducing our rebrand: Beyondfi - A New Beginning

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