Preparing for HECO

Our mainnet launch is coming closer. Our network will expand from Ethereum to Heco, onboarding new users and allowing us to continue to grow our ecosystem. Upon a successful incentive testnet program, we made end-to-end final development changes to ensure our network is stable and secure. We are beyond excited!

For using our new HECO Mainnet DEX, please read the following instructions and prepare the following assets in your wallet.

  1. If you already have BYN in your metamask wallet, you need: $HT and $ETH.

This is because current users will use the new “Bridge” function where you have to bridge ETH based $BYN to HECO based $hBYN. When you bridge to ETH to HECO, ETH is used as gas.

In addition, if you wish to use the features within Beyondfi’s new HECO Mainnet, you will spend $HT as gas fee.

2. If you are a new user and have no $BYN, you need : $HT

If you have $HT in your metamask wallet, you will have no problem using our new website as you can swap $HT to $hBYN and also use it as gas.

Let’s prepare for the launch!

What must you prepare for mainnet launch?

  1. Metamask Wallet

Download Metamask and add it to your browser:

We recommend that you use Metamask extension in Chrome or Brave browser in your desktop.

2 . Add HECO network to Metamask

You will need to ensure Heco Chain Network has been added to Metamask. Please see our guide on how to add “HECO Network to Metamask”

Click here to see the guide

*Note: You will need to import to view your BYN token on HECO.

Simply do so by signing into Metamask, and click on “Import Token” and input

hBYN contract address: 0xA251c56658C07D5D37B00Cf8dB844BF82C9a0692

3. Creating Beyondfi Wallet

You will need to make a new Beyondfi wallet .

So here is an easy “step by step” for you

Click here to see the guide

4. Staking Tokens

With our vision set on the mainnet launch, we celebrate by offering some exciting staking rewards! Our staking on the synthetics exchange is offering up to 250% APY for early birds and this is possible by our reward distribution structure, where users will be incentivized with further bonus rewards by staking (providing liquidity) to our DEX, contributing to the ecosystem.

In Summary, please check out the links below:

  1. How to add HECO Chain on Metamask: Guide
  2. How to create Beyondfi Wallet : Guide
  3. How to bridge and deposit your BYN : Guide

As our mainnet launch is forthcoming, Beyondfi team is dedicated to providing our users an improved and advanced experience using our Synthetic DEX. Stay with us for the upcoming announcement on HECO Mainnet Walkthrough guide, as well as our official launch announcement.

About Beyondfi

Upon rebranding, Beyondfi seeks to offer a complete digital asset management platform. The Beyondfi Decentralized synthetic exchange allows users to create and trade synthetic financial products, unlocking the full potential of decentralized finance without limits. Backed by Huobi Ventures, X21 Digital, DuckDAO, Sky Ventures, OKex Block Dream Fund & more, Beyondfi allows users to trade decentralized products without restrictions, offering the true value of Decentralized Finance.

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