HECO Official Token Contract Address

Here is the information on the official hBYN token contract address.

Website: beyondfiheco.io

hBYN token contract : 0xA251c56658C07D5D37B00Cf8dB844BF82C9a0692

Once again, we appreciate all your support along this far, and we will continue to explore, innovate, expand, opening limitless access across the whole industry.

Let’s go above and beyond.

About Beyondfi

Upon rebranding, Beyondfi seeks to offer a complete digital asset management platform. The Beyondfi Decentralized synthetic exchange allows users to create and trade synthetic financial products, unlocking the full potential of decentralized finance without limits. Backed by Huobi Ventures, X21 Digital, DuckDAO, Sky Ventures, OKex Block Dream Fund & more, Beyondfi allows users to trade decentralized products without restrictions, offering the true value of Decentralized Finance.

Website / Twitter / Telegram / Reddit / Medium / Discord




Introducing our rebrand: Beyondfi - A New Beginning

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Introducing our rebrand: Beyondfi - A New Beginning

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